1. General

These terms and conditions apply to Wellness Massage Limited. Wellness Card Programme (‘Programme’) and Wellness Card (‘Wellness Card’). If you hold and are in possession of our Wellness Card, you accept these terms and conditions (‘Terms and Conditions’). Wellness Massage Limited reserves the right to interpret, modify, or terminate the Terms and Conditions without notice. The most recent Terms and Conditions will always be posted on our website at https://wellnessmassage.uk.

Our Wellness Card may be used ONLY at Wellness Massage Ltd. massage studio, located at 98 Straight Road, Colchester, CO3 9DH.

2. Cardholder

The Wellness Card is for use by one named person only (‘Cardholder’), as printed on the wellness card, and cannot be shared or transferred with/to any other individual.

You must be 18 years old to be eligible to hold a Wellness Card.

3. Loyalty Card Ownership

The Loyalty Card remains the property of Wellness Massage Limited at all times.

Wellness Massage Limited reserves the right at any time without notice to:

  • Withdraw or terminate this Programme,
  • Decline to issue or accept Wellness Cards and,
  • On reasonable grounds withdraw or cancel the Wellness Cards and the Stamps collected, and/or amend or alter the Terms and Conditions of the Programme.
    • Reasonable grounds for withdrawal or cancellation include but are not limited to any misuse or attempted misuse of the programme, use of the Wellness Card in breach of these Terms and Conditions and/or any reasonable suspicion of dishonesty on the part of a Wellness Card holder.
4. Loyalty Stamps

Loyalty Stamps are issued following completion of a massage which has been paid for in full.

Free or discounted massages, and/or additional/alternative treatments are not part of the Programme and therefore do not qualify for Loyalty Stamps.

To collect Loyalty Stamps, your Wellness Card must be presented at the time of your massage.

Should the cardholder have forgotten to bring his/her wellness card, a new card can be issued and a loyalty stamp given. The previous stamps collected up to that moment can be transferred to the new wellness card, only if both cards are presented at a later date.

Lost wellness cards – Whilst Wellness Massage Limited will replace any lost Wellness Card free of charge, we are unable to replace the Loyalty Stamps. Therefore, any Loyalty Stamps previously recorded on the lost Wellness Card will be forfeited.

5. Multiple Loyalty Cards

Should the Cardholder have multiple wellness cards with multiple individual loyalty stamps, these can be combined to redeem a 30min free treatment, however all cards must be presented at the same time.

6. 30min Free Massage

To claim your 30min free massage please book by telephone on 01206 638 044 or via email at hello@wellnessmassage.uk

Please ensure that you declare at the time of booking that you are redeeming your Wellness Card.

In order to claim a 30min free massage, a Wellness Card or multiple cards with a total of six (6) stamps must be presented prior to the Massage.

The 30min free massage can be combined with a massage of your choice of up to 60min, so that the total time adds up to 90min, or if you wish, you can use the 30min free massage to sample other massage services that we offer, example: Indian head massage. Please note that some exclusion may apply.

Multiple 30min free massages can’t be combined together to make one 60min or 90min massage, a 30min free massage must be claimed when the card is completed or it will be lost. 

7. Disclaimer

Your wellness card cannot be used in conjunction with gift voucher payment or any other offers and/or promotions.

Your wellness card if redeemed for a treatment, does not qualify as a massage visit on your new wellness card.

Wellness Massage Limited does not accept liability for lost, stolen or damaged cards.

Loyalty stamps collected on lost or stolen cards will be considered lost and non-transferable on the new card.

The Wellness Card has no monetary value and is therefore non-refundable and non-exchangeable.

8. Contact

Mr. Andrea Milana
Wellness Massage Limited
98 Straight Road

Email: Hello@WellnessMassage.UK

Phone: 01206 638 044


Last updated 26/12/2022