Massage Studio

Our massage studio is based in Colchester, right in the heart of Lexden. We have worked hard to make our studio as relaxing as possible, with all modern facilities such as air filters to reduce allergens and to cleanse the air. Our massage studio is fitted with the latest air-conditioning and climate control so is always at the optimum temperature, and also equipped with private changing and toilet facilities.

We pride ourselves in creating a relaxing comfortable atmosphere to soothe you whilst resting on our sumptuous wide massage couch. We provide freshly laundered towels for every appointment, adding to the higher level of hygiene and comfort. We use a delightful 100% natural sweet almond oil during our massages, however, for those with allergies we have sourced nut free alternatives. We also use aromatherapy oil diffusers which enhance your massage experience.

Obviously since Covid-19 we have introduced mandatory hand sanitisation on entering the studio, we use approved PPE whilst providing you with your massage. Between each massage we ensure that all equipment is cleansed with anti-bacterial products to maintain our first class standards.

Furthermore, at the studio we have free and spacious parking which means you have one less thing to worry about.

Studio Massage Couch

Our electric massage couch is a very flexible, multi-functional therapy couch that happily lends itself to any treatment.

Featuring a generous 4 inches of sumptuous Therafoam comfort padding and soft touch PU upholstery, we take our clients comfort to a all new level.

Starting as low as 17” from the floor, it effortlessly, and quietly, rises through to 39”, thanks to the three electric motors.

Couch Length: 2.15m / 7ft with head rest – or – 1.80m / 6ft without.
Couch Width: 101cm / 39in with arm rests – or – 71cm / 28in without.
Maximum Working Weight: 450 pounds / 205 kilos / 32 stones

Home Massage Couch

Our massage couch is made of high-quality beechwood with durable steel support cables which greatly increase the couch’s stability.

Our massage couch feature the highest quality extra soft PU leather and soft cushioning, providing the ultimate comfort for our clients.

Our massage couch comes with detachable head cradle and side armrests, which provide additional length and width.

Couch Length: 2.11m / 7ft with head rest – or – 1.85m / 6ft without.
Couch Width: 92cm / 36in with arm rests – or – 72cm / 28in without.
Maximum Working Weight: 500 pounds / 225 kilos / 35 stones

Why Choose Our Massage Studio


High levels of hygiene

Everyone’s Welcome

Non-judgemental, diverse, size inclusive values

Massage Studio

Warm, Relaxing, purpose built massage studio overlooking our private gardens

Heart of Essex

Conveniently located in the heart of Lexden, between 2 train station and close to the A12

Natural & Organic

Natural, organic and nut free massage oils, rich in vitamins perfect for moisturising and nourishing your skin

Free Parking

Free onsite parking for cars, motorbikes and bicycles

5 Star Service - Clients Reviews

We are very proud to have receive such amazing reviews and would like to thank all our clients for these.