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Warm Bamboo Massage from £55

Warm Bamboo massage is a unique heat massage therapy that provides a deeper massage using heated bamboo sticks. The combination of heat and deeper massage will provide you with a greater feeling of relaxation and well-being.

Massage Strength
Light 35%
Very-Hard 90%
Included with your massage
  • Massage Medium: choose between sweet almond, nut free oil or aromatherapy oils
  • Massage Couch: heated to optimal temperature on request
  • Towels: clean and laundered daily

Allergy Information

Warm Bamboo Massage Benefits
  • increases relaxation
  • reduces muscle pain and soreness
  • increases circulation and improves blood flow
  • improves removal of toxins and waste product from the body


Massage Fee(s)


(i) For our massage services at your workplace please see our Mobile Massages and Corporate & Office Massage services.

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