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Back Massage from £30

Back massage involves you letting go of stress and tension. Me doing the work for you.  Lay down and enjoy all the benefits that come with receiving  any kind of therapeutic massage.

On a visit to my massage studio in Colchester, Essex you will find yourself truly taken care of, treating yourself to something just for you. The perfect way to spend a free hour! Not to mention the real heath benefits..

What are the health benefits?

When your back is aching or your muscles are tight, is part of your body’s way of adapting to physical and psychological stress. Over a prolonged period, the small muscle tension slowly builds up, becoming a noticeable nuisance. Having a massage is not just for physiological benefits but for mental health as well.

Massaging the back increases blood flow to the limbs, stimulates the nervous system & softens hard muscles tissues. This can in turn increase flexibility, improve sleep & reduce pain.

Massage Strength
Medium/Hard - 45%/60%

Back Massage 30min

A firm massage, perfect for neck, back and shoulders
£ 30
Included with your massage
  • Massage Medium: choose between sweet almond, nut free oil, lotion, wax or aromatherapy oils
  • Massage Couch: heated to optimal temperature on request
  • Towels: clean and laundered daily

Allergy Information

Terapeutic Massage Benefits


andy milana

Massage Therapist

Hello there, thank you for visiting my website, my name is Andy, I am the owner and massage therapist at Wellness Massage Lexden

I am a fully qualified Massage Therapist in Swedish Massage and other massage  techniques. My main focus is to provide my clients with Relaxing Massages, Therapeutic Massages and Specialist Massages, these are aimed at alleviating the aches and pains of your busy and stressful lives.

Mobile Massages

For my therapeutic massage at your home or for my massage services at your workplace, please see my Mobile Home Massages and Corporate & Office Massage servicesI offer fantastic rates starting from as low as £50. You will feel relaxed and ready to face the world once again.

Area Covered

My mobile massaging services covers Colchester and surrounding areas. For massages over 20 miles radius, please contact me on my mobile or send me an email.

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